Ingenhuett on High -New Venue in Comfort, Texas

We have some exciting news to
share with you...

Country Sugar Events

The Ingenhuett on High

an antique wedding
venue in Comfort, Texas.


In addition to our
normal planning services we will now be running a wedding and event venue in Comfort,
Texas. This historical and super cool venue is located on High Street, a quaint
little street with cute shops and good food.  

And the crowd goes wild!!!!!!

We are thrilled to have
this opportunity and even more thrilled to share it with you.  Our grand opening is on

Thursday Mar. 27,2014 from 4:00-8:00pm. 

Please join us to
check out the space and meet the community.

Tell everyone you know and bring your friends. We can’t wait to see you

Here is a sneak peek:




Just to give you a little history, The Ingenhuett was built in 1881 by Alfred Giles, a British architect.  He built many historical structures in San Antonio and Kendall county including courthouses, and private residences, including The Lambermont in San Antonio.  He also designed the Mother House and Convent at Incarnate Word College; Daniel Sullivan’s Stable and Coach House at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens; the 1909 addition to the Menger Hotel; the Steves Homestead in the King William district; and, at Fort Sam Houston, the Infantry Post Barracks, Officers’ Quarters, Staff Post; and Commanding General’s Quarters. 
In 1867, Peter J. Ingenhuett set up the mercantile store with his brother-in-law, Charles Karger. The partnership fell through and Paul Ingenhuett bought the business from his father in 1891 for $20,000. As the business grew it moved to High Street in 1880 and expanded to 2,500 square feet in 1900.  The store once housed a band and post office. The original mail slots and bank vault are still there today.  
A Fire ravaged the store in 2006 and devastated the community.  On Dec. 20, 2010 Craig and Jeanine Leeder bought the building and restored it.  They have been holding private parties there the past few years but have decided to open to the public. 


Below is a link the newspaper article with more information about the Leeders.



  1. Great to know!
    Best wishes from Susanna Ingenhuett (okay, it is Ingenhütt, as the name was written originally), a slightly younger branch from the Ingenhuett family tree

  2. Great job, very well done!
    Now the store, risen from the ashes, HAS a future.
    And thank you for great photos.

    Gereon Ingenhütt

  3. Very stylish, I saw the burned down harware store still in 2011, when I visited with my parents ( Hubert and Hubertine Ingenhuett) from Germany ( grand grand grand nephew of Peter Ingenhuett)
    Vera Ingenhuett

  4. Got thrilled to see this venue! It’s huge and equally adorable. We will get engaged this year and would love to reserve such a beautiful party venue Houston for our party. Hoping to find one venue in our budget quickly.